We all have innate intuition. There is a deep and clear wisdom within each of us that knows what truly serves us and what does not. In every moment we have the opportunity to be mindful or mindless. When we nurture the practice of connecting to our inner compass, it guides us to make decisions for our highest good. Honoring our selves in this way is a simple yet powerful act of self love. 

Today, Meagan Henry of the luxury adornment brand, Steele Henry, simplifies the true essence of self care and reminds us of our natural diversity. She calls us to slow down, tune into our breath and just be: one of the most profound healing practices available.

S | How do we know when we’ve gone too far?

How do we know if we are, or are not, taking life too seriously?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in it all — it’s a natural, collective default to assume that someone somewhere else knows better than we do. It’s natural to initially desire to take what they say without a grain of salt. It’s easy for the mind to take control.

But what your INTUITION say? What feels good inside of YOUR precious, incredibly unique body? What does YOUR skin need?

When it comes to health and wellness — as well as spirituality and all things “soul” — there is absolutely no one size fits all. There is absolutely no one routine or way of being that balances and nourishes us all. The Universe is so creative, and so silly in that way. There is immense diversity in body type and need, so that all of existence may balance itself out. Imagine if everyone lived, worked, loved, and played in the exact same ways as you. There would be nothing left! We would be stripping Mother Earth of all her resources, working relentlessly and getting nowhere fast.

Just look at the herbs and the trees! Each requires far different percentages of certain minerals than the one next to it. And in a permaculture garden, all plants and animals work for each other and with each other to provide the other with unique nutrients that one has too much of, and that the other desperately needs. We are all one big permaculture garden — teaching and nourishing each other with all that we do.

Existence wants diversity! And existence wants for you to feel. Give thanks for your brain, but use it wisely for the tool that it is. Know when to turn it on, and when to turn it off. Allow your intuition to guide your mind.

Take time for yourself every single day (preferably in the precious hours of the morning) to sit in silence with your intuition — turn your mind off. Tap into your body and soul — feel into exactly what it needs, outside of what anyone “more credible” than you has said.

Don’t take your self-care too far. Don’t get too complicated. Because once you do — once it becomes more than your time of day or stomach can handle — you’re far out of alignment with what it is your intuition tells you that you need.

I urge you to navigate self-care and all forms of self-love with intuition — that delicious inner voice and feeling that evermore just knows. Take everything with a grain of salt. See the beauty of perspective and individual truth with everything you read, hear, or see. Celebrate the time and energy that others put into spreading the information of healing — but stay curious. Stay questioning. Stay rebellious.

We need your individual practices here! We need you to to travel a different path. We need for you to do your individual work, so please, go out and do it!

But first, don’t forget: sit, breathe. Be.


Meagan is the founder of fine adornment brand, Steele Henry. Inspired by Mama Nature, metaphysics, and pairing back to the most minimal and high vibe of art, Meagan's intention is to connect us all through symbolical, geometric body jewels, as well as through word medicine (as experienced here!). She adores telling stories, hearing stories, and celebrating the elements that make us all up.