Culturally, we inherit a lot of ideas about how or who we are supposed to be. We get so far away from ourselves & filled with stress in a constant state of striving. We are all busy working to express our unique talents and individual representations of our creative gifts. Often times, this places us in a belief that we are separate from one another. Believing we are separate creates so much unneeded suffering which eventually can express itself as anxiety and depression.

Most of us struggle (including myself) with accepting the darkness within us, feeling like, when we are less than perfect, we are simply not enough. This also creates separateness as we fantasize that no other being experiences the darkness or suffering that we do. Pushing away our darkness inevitably causes more internal stress and manifests as depression or anxiety. When we are not at peace with all the complex layers of ourselves, it’s impossible to be at peace in the world. Trust me, I’ve struggled with this a thousand times over.

Identifying and connecting to our inner truth and guidance system and fully accepting ourselves is key to pacifying our struggles. Connect to the purity of your heart, your inner child that has been untainted by the confusion of modern life, and let go of the striving that makes you feel constantly incomplete. Stop waiting for that person you will one day become and love who you are whole-heartedly here & now. Embrace every aspect of yourself and your life and this will lead you on the path to creating a more whole-istic sense of self, leading to a peaceful existence.

There are several tools we can use to support us when we are moving through difficult feelings. Tailor these suggestions to your lifestyle and see what feels best for you. Remember, these tips are best for mild cases, not clinical disorders. If you feel you’re suffering from something more serious, contact a health professional.

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