Spring is in full bloom and as the season shifts towards summer, our natural drive and energy tends to increase. For many of us, that means opening to more creativity, spontaneity, and experiencing more passion & desire in all areas of our life. For others, this energetic shift could lead to over extending ourselves and eventually reaching a stage of burnout, depleting our desire to do much of anything at all. There are many factors that can contribute to a decreased libido or life force, including stress, toxicity from the environment, and poor diet. Low libido however, often stems from an even bigger issue though: inflammation that impairs energy production and blood flow throughout the body.

If you are experiencing low libido or a lack of passion & creativity, there are many lifestyle and diet shifts you can implement to re-energize. Integrate the following foods and practices into your routine and watch as your energy & vitality re-ignites.  Check out the full post over at Free + Native!