Ever wonder why you feel so fantastic on a cleanseOnce you get over the caffeine, sugar, and alcohol withdrawals, you feel as if you have hit the reset button on your entire system: light, bright, and renewed. So how can we maintain that open, uplifted, energized, and balanced feeling we achieve through cleansing?

It’s no secret that what we eat affects the way that we feel day to day. A vibrant variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts & seeds, and adequate proteins and fats offers us ample energy and vitality. These foods leave us feeling inspired and happy. Whereas an overconsumption of over processed, sugary, and salty foods + alcohol & caffeine leaves us feeling like we are on an emotional rollercoaster. They can also create feelings of lethargy, depression, anxiety, and physical heaviness.

We often crave food or overindulge because of certain physical, emotional, or hormonal imbalances. Feeling at peace with what we eat and how we eat is ultimately the most important thing we can do. However, implementing small diet and lifestyle changes supports not only optimal endocrine function, but also emotional equanimity and mind-body balance

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