Melissa, of M.Parke Studio is a gentle soul with a keen eye for capturing beauty and a strong, intuitive sense for healing. She is a gifted wellness warrior and an inspiration to us all. Today she shares her medicinally nourishing longevity tonic that tastes divine and is sure to kick your immune system into high gear.  


       12oz Gynostemma Tea - warm or cool

       1 scoop protein powder - I have been loving MoonJuice’s Deep Chocolate Protein or Plant Fusion’s Chocolate Protein 

       1T Hemp Seeds

       1t Ashwaganda

       1t Reishi

       1t Chaga

       1t Colostrum

       1t Coconut Oil

       1t Ghee

       pinch Pink Salt

       pinch Cardamom

       pinch Cinnamon

       Stevia to taste or 1 Date for sweetness

**To make it a bit thicker add 1 banana, frozen for cooler preferences.

Melissa Parke Rousseau is a Certified Healing + Detox Nutrition Specialist, Massage Therapist + Reiki Practitioner, Jewelry Designer, Late Stage Lyme Disease Warrior, Writer, and Founder of M•PARKE STUDIO | a holistic lifestyle journal + shop for nourishing mind, body + spirit.  Her online shop is passionately curated in celebration of holistic + sustainable living with vintage clothing, accessories, organic beauty products, and wellness tools.