Jamie Woolner was recently featured and shared his delicious and seasonal, Golden Summer Salad. This week he is sharing his original limeade recipe and his story about how he developed this hydrating & refreshing drink. 

J | Limeade replaced store bought drinks within the first few months of starting Pizza Of Venice, the Altadena artisan pizza shop that I co-founded with longtime friend, Chef Sean St. John. We grew tired of paying beverage conglomerates for products that did no good: excess packaging, corn syrup, high costs, to name some of our concerns.

On opposite ends of the earth, our childhoods featured limeade. My grandma always had a pitcher ready for family gatherings. Her tree, to this day, grows the sweetest most florally flavored limes. Chef Sean comes from Barbados, the most easterly island in the Caribbean. Limeade is everywhere in Barbados because lime trees are everywhere. “They call it lemonade even though it’s made with limes.” Says Kirton,a popular Barbadian reggae musician, known for his infusions using fresh home grown passion fruit or orange. Islanders use brown sugar or if feeling flush with cash, honey. 

Our customers at Pizza Of Venice love the watermelon flavored limeade. Watermelon goes so well with lime. We just bought a locally grown yellow watermelon and made a batch. Below is a recipe for watermelon limeade, but feel free to substitute watermelon for any fruit you fancy.

Ingredients //

4 Cups Water

1 Cup Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

2 Cups Watermelon

Sweeten to taste with Grade B Maple syrup, Coconut sugar, Organic raw honey or Stevia.


1. Cut of rind of watermelon and blend until you have 2 cups of juice.

2. Strain

3. Add to pitcher along with all other ingredients

4. Chill and serve

Recipe, Snackskristin dahllimeade