During the holidays, it's easy to fall into a stress cycle, loose sleep or become ill. It's important that we support our nervous system, allowing the body to relax and recover. Today, Hilary Pearlson, from Jewels of a Dreamer shares her healing night time tonic which restores adrenal function and promotes deep, restful sleep. A powerful remedy that will keep you feeling grounded and nourished all season long!

H | Maintaining morning and evening rituals is one of the greatest ways to stay grounded and supported despite whatever the day may bring. Life gets busy and hectic, it is nearly impossible to jump into a state of total relaxation once the evening approaches. Calming your mind and body is crucial to transition into nighttime with ease. This tonic (along with a great book, mantra playing and candles burning) helps me to release anything not serving me and arrive at a happy, serene place.

The ashwagandha is restorative while reducing anxiety, reishi supports the immune system and relieves stress and mucuna pruriens soothes the entire nervous system. Mixed with the gynostemma or chamomile tea, you will be amazed at the feeling of bliss that washes over you. This tonic is my absolute favorite way to unwind, calm my nervous system and prepare for sweet dreams.



  • Brew a cup of chamomile or gynostemma tea

  • Add tea + all ingredients into blender (for herbs I use Sun Potion)

  • Blend together + sip slowly with cozy slippers and lit candles!


Hilary Pearlson is a lifestyle blogger, stylist, writer, photographer and advocate of self-care.  As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology she is passionate about helping women to discover their personal style, create a closet that infuses positive energy into their life and allows them to truly feel at home in their skin. On her blog, Jewels of a Dreamer she writes about conscious fashion, natural beauty and holistic wellness. Her goal is to inspire women to feel amazing and shine their brightest. From the clothes they wear, to the beauty products they use and the food they eat.

She is currently in the process of creating her online store, The Dream Shop which will carry a selection of consciously curated goods from across the country as well as her lifestyle coaching practice which will be launching next year. Follow her journey at jewelsofadreamer.com as well as her Instagram @jewelsofadreamer