Creating health and wellness is a dynamic and ever evolving process. My approach is focused on nourishing all aspects of our lives to create harmony, balance, and peace: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. In my practice, I focus on preventive measures, clean diet, regular physical exercise, time in nature, social connection, and relaxation. All of these aspects affect the body on a cellular level, either stressing or supporting regeneration and optimum health.

Dahl house is a portal of healing, transformation, and community. The more my practice grows, the more I grow and expand myself, thus expanding the scope of what I am able to contribute to the lives of others. Join me on a journey to rebalance your lifestyle and build optimal wellness. Together we’ll create a personalized lifestyle plan that is attainable and realistic: a plan that will have you looking and feeling vibrant, strong, and full of energy. I look forward to connecting with you! 


I believe that we each have an innate power of intuition and discernment that can guide us to make the diet and lifestyle choices that serve us best. As a result, I’ve dedicated my practice to creating optimal lifestyles through a whole foods, plant-based approach that educates and empowers my clients to make lasting change. My passion is to motivate individuals to make the transformation to total and complete health.


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