Initial Consultation (free)

Let’s talk briefly about where you’re at. For all new clients, I am happy to have a discussion about current health concerns and goals. From there, we can establish a plan to move forward.

Holistic Nutrition Consultation

If you’re determined to make a difference in your current and long term health now, this 2-hour preventative care consultation is the perfect action to take. Together, we’ll complete an extensive symptomatic questionnaire and look at how your physical, mental, and emotional states are affecting your well-being.

From here, we’ll identify what areas need improvement, establish goals, and create an effective plan for change. For those with chronic or severe medical issues, worry not! I believe we are all capable of healing and see these challenges simply as opportunities for growth.

After our session is complete, I’ll send over a customized protocol which includes  nutrition & lifestyle recommendations, recipes, supplement and herbal protocols, and guidance for alternative healing options to support you on your path to feeling grounded, whole, and well!

Suggested first follow up takes place 2 weeks to one month from first session. Discounts available for multiple sessions purchased at the same time. 3 session discount package available, includes 1st Lifestyle transformation, plus 2 follow up sessions.


  • Initial 2 hour consultation where we will review your health history, goals, and any current health opportunities. (Sessions available by phone, whatsapp, viber or skype)
  • A Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle Protocol + follow-up recommendations.
  • Blood work evaluation & therapeutic recommendations.
  • Meal plans, fitness guides and alternative healing support.
  • Herbal & Supplementation Recommendations 
  • Individual sessions or package program options available.

Holistic Consultation Follow up

How are you feeling? In this follow-up session we will check in on what is working and what is not. Small adjustments to lifestyle, diet, and supplements are normal and expected. Together, we can address these changes to make you more comfortable and connected on your journey.

Suggested first follow up takes place 2 weeks from first session. Discounts available for multiple sessions purchased at the same time. 


Complete Kitchen Makeover

Reinvent what you reach for with this complete kitchen makeover. In our 2-3 hour session, I’ll sort though your cupboards from top to bottom and toss anything that’s leading you astray from your health goals.

As I organize your shelves to make nourishing foods most accessible, I’ll identify key items to keep on your shopping list and swap out low-quality items for ones that are nutritionally dense.

Get your pantry in tip top shape with a full makeover to complete your holistic kitchen. Items will be stocked, organized and labeled!


Food Shopping Tour

You’ve been to the grocery store thousands of times, but never like this. In this walking tour of the market you visit most often, I’ll shed light on the shelves and demystify labels for a more conscious food shopping experience.

Expect to learn how to select the freshest produce, healthiest packaged products, and most effective supplements. Feel confident knowing you’re buying the best for you body!